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I have an Amazon account with a store card. I have added the amazon account through page once, but I am unable to view my store card information (due date, limit, balance, etc...) I know when you click to pay a bill online, you are redirected to another website i think. Any ideas if we can get support for the store card.


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Please email with your Pageonce email address, and we'll able to look into this further.
Christopher Rios
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I am also having this issue and submitted the form with comments from the add account page.

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Same here, I've submitted the form to add an account as well.

Tun Tun
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i did it 3 times i submitted my account with them with all the details since last year! no updates .... i dunno no response or anything ... compare to they respond fast!
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Our team is evaluating this to see if this is compatible with our application. 

We'll keep you posted.
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Our investigation indicated that there's no billing data on Amazon - it's a shopping site and we extract the shopping list.
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There is an Amazon store card through GE Money Bank (it is different from the Amazon credit card through 

Possible useful links in looking into this:

Will you be offering support for this card?

Maria Genitempo
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Hello PageOnce Administrators, the shopping site login/account information is separate from Store Card/Credit Card. The account information is separate. You need to find out how to add the Amazon Store Card as a separate account from the shopping site. 

Mint sucks now and they were doing it correctly.
Guy Hoovler
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I have requested this multiple times, as well. The Amazon store card is separate from the Amazon visa card, I provided all my login info through the app request support feature. I believe the store card is a branded card serviced by GE Money. Very annoying that such a high-profile card isn't supported by your app. If you investigate this again and are still confused about where to find the card account data, email me and I'll give you my phone # so I can walk through it with you.
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Thank to all of your requests for this provider. Store Card has been added to our provider list.

Click on the link

Thanks to you, we learned about a new provider!
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Thanks So Much for fixing this. It makes it so much easier when everything is together 
Guy Hoovler
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Thank you! Works great...
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