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California (not sure about other states) now pays unemployment and disability differently. They used to send a check every 2 weeks. Now, they send each person on either unemployment OR disability a Back of America EDD debit card. Funds are deposited into the account every 2 weeks. I've tried finding this on Pageonce and cannot. I've tried logging into the regular Bank of America Site via Pageonce and it does not work. Could this please be added? I sent this request many weeks ago via the android app and never received a response. Thanks for looking into this. 

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Hello Curb71,
I see that your request is in the queue.
I can not tell you how long it will take as we handle many provider request each and every day.
Thank you for reaching out and we will try our best to get this done as fast as we can.


Rocky M
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Yes i have the same issue. Please expidite resolution.
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Hi Rocky,


Our system shows that you removed the Bank of America account from your Pageonce account.



Please re-add the account (even if it doesn't work), and then notify


We'll be able to look into this further.



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Has it been added? I searched for it and still couldn't find it. What should I search for?
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Hi All,

Bank of America EDD has not yet been added.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Rocky M
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Per your request I have re-added the edd card and contacted your support email.  Thanks for your help.  Hopefully this is resolved soon.
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